Why Hayabusa is The Most Picked Jungler???

In MPL Season 8 Indonesia, Hayabusa become the most picked and banned jungler for the first week in MPL. Hayabusa is banned 14 times in the first week. In the latest Mobile Legends update, Hayabusa doesn’t get any buff neither nerf. So, why Hayabusa become the tier S Hero in this meta???

Mobile Legends Hayabusa Guide: Here's how to become a pro Hayabusa player

1. War Exe Item

Penjelasan Meta Build Terbaru Mobile Legends - Update Juni 2021 - Dewa Gadget Game

War exe item is one of the new item that released in latest update. With all the attributes provided, this item has quite a lot of advantages, the first of course is that this item has a lower price than other items. In addition, this item also provides some important additions for melee heroes such as physical attack, physical penetration, HP, and cooldown reduction. Hayabusa is one of the melee hero that suit with this item. It will gives Hayabusa more damage and fast farming in the early game.

2. Flexibility

Simak Penjelasan Map dan Lane Terbaru Mobile Legend: Jungle, Roaming, Gold, Exp, dan Mid Lane - Kabar Lumajang

Hayabusa is probably the jungler with the fastest farming right now. But, he can also be played as goldlaner and midlaner. He can pick off easily and do rotations, even split pushes. Hayabusa rotations can make the other heroes in the team winning the lane. With the quad shadow ability, Hayabusa can lock the enemies core hero, enter and exit war easily.

3. Xborg and Harley Counter

Kisah Harley Mobile Legends Magician Pembuat Onar - ZennIndoPembalap Kok Robot? Ini Skin Baru X.Borg Mobile Legends "Moto Drifter" - Semua Halaman - Grid Games

Hayabusa is one of the heroes that can counter Harley and Xborg. With the burst damage that Hayabusa had, it can easily remove Xborg firaga armor. Xborg can’t match Hayabusa mobility, so it’s very hard for Xborg solo kill Hayabusa in 1 vs 1 situation. With shadow kill ability, Hayabusa can easily dodge Harley ultimate. So, the Harley ultimate will become useless if his lock Hayabusa. Harley is one of the mage heroes that have good mobility. But with Hayabusa quad shadow ability, he can easily lock Harley eventhough Harley using his teleportation skill.

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4. Hayabusa Build Item 

Item Build Hayabusa Mobile Legends.

Like Jungler hero in general, Hayabusa must get the right items so that his potential can come out to the maximum. Below is the common build of Hayabusa that many pro player used.

  • Swift Boots : This item can help you to collect energy faster by increasing Attack Speed. For the Retribution spell, Bloody Retribution is the most ideal because it gives the enemy true damage and regen our HP.
  • War Axe : The damage-increasing effect that continues to increase with each hit is perfect for Hayabusa’s fast-paced gameplay. Additional HP, Movement Speed, and CD Reduction are also major considerations.
  • Endless Battle : In addition to its many additional attributes, Endless Battle can also deal True Damage to Basic Attacks after using skills. It fits perfectly with the Hayabusa mechanic who often spams skills.
  • Malefic Roar : Want more damage to Hayabusa in mid-game? Just use Malefic Roar which increases Physical PEN, guaranteed to be effective!
  • Blade of Despair : Buy this item to boost damage so the game doesn’t get late into the late game. You see, Hayabusa can be less effective if the match becomes too protracted.
  • Rose Gold Meteor : This item can actually be likened to a “backup plan” if the game is brought into the late game. Rose Gold Meteor can be the right item with additional damage as well as durability. You can also change to Immortal if you are not confident with Rose Gold Meteor.

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