How to Use Tank as Hyper in MLBB

Recently on MPL, there many pro player use tank as jungler hero. One of the player that use a lot of tank as jungler is Aura High. Because Aura High shows the horror of playing jungler tanks, the Mobile Legends public may be infected with the jungler meta tank in the near future. Although better known as a role that has high resistance from physical and magic attacks, there are several tanks that turn out to have high damage.

In choosing a jungler tank, there are several considerations that you must pay attention to. Looking at the selection of hyper tanks from Aura High, namely Uranus and Baxia, at least you have to make sure this hero has the ability to farm in the jungle. This time, we will discuss the meta tank jungle and some tank jungler hero options that you can use.

Have Farming Jungle Ability

Not just any tank can be a jungler. They must have any skills or sources of damage that can help clear forest monsters. For example, Uranus has Ionic Edge, Uranus’ damage source that can be spammed every 4 seconds at level 1.

Or Baxia with Shield of Spirit skill, can help this tanker farming jungle quickly. In fact, it’s not surprising that Baxia can farm orange buffs without retribution because he has this skill.

Examples of other tanks that have farming skills in the jungle are Hylos with the Ring of Punishment skill, Akai with Blender, Barats using the So-Called Teamwork skill and Esmeralda with Stardust Dance.

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Different Core Mindset

If usually the hyper carry or the main core of the team focuses on maintaining positioning in team fights, waiting for the initiation of teammates and getting kills, then hyper carry tanks have a different mindset.

Just because you use a tank, it doesn’t mean you have to go crazy into the enemy’s defense, but there are still farming aspects that must be maintained. As a core tank, you can start your own initiation, absorb enemy damage so you don’t target your main damage source and do bait without fear of being easily killed.

Kill is not your main goal, but creating teamfight conditions that benefit the team is prioritized when using hyper tanks. As Aura High showed when using Baxia, he scored 20 assists and 5 kills. While midlaner Aura became the owner of the most kills with 8 kills using Lylia.

Team Composition Must Be Fit

If you use hyper tanks, you will superior in durability but less damage in the late game. To compensate for that, the composition of the team must match by choosing heroes in the area of ​​effect with large damage.

Aura Fire has a favorite partner for their jungler tank. Heroes like Lylia, Pharsa, and roamer Kadita can be an option to meet the team’s damage and crowd control needs.

To help the tank jungler break up the opponent’s defense, the selection of sidelane heroes is also important to help follow-up initiation or inflict additional damage. Ruby, Chou, Alice, Paquito to Hayabusa can be selected for the ideal sidelaner option when playing tank jungler.

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Best Jungler Tank Hero Option

As explained above, tank junglers must have the ability to farm without a long time. For that, the best jungler tank hero options that you can use include:

  • Esmeralda : Can farm jungle quickly, high mobility, high damage, has flexible build items (can be full damage, hybrid damage and tank or full tank), can enter the enemy backline
  • Uranus: High durability, good jungle farming ability, fast mobility
  • Baxia  : High durability, good initiation ability, unique anti-regen skill, provides slow area or crowd control, high mobility
  • Hylos  : High durability, has stun, initiation skill and AoE damage per second
  • Barats : High durability, high damage, anti-initiation, flexible itemization (can be full damage, hybrid damage and tank or full tank), good farming ability.

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