Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.62

In this post, I would like to share the Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.62 that was made by EVOS Legends’ coach Bjorn Ong (Z3zeys). This tier list are made according to the current META happening in the MLBB official tournament.

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.62 April 2021

Mobile Legends Tier List 1.5.62
Source: Zeys’s Instagram

From that visual chart, you can see that some heroes are buffed and nerfed.

In the XP Lane, Uranus went up from tier B to Tier S which is why it is mostly picked now by great offlaners in the MPL. Terizla and Alpha are now moved up from B to A. You can use these heroes in the XP Lane when the other heroes are banned.

Esmeralda, Benedetta, Yu Zhong, and Lapu-Lapu are sadly getting nerfed. Esmeralda now went from SSS to SS, Yu Zhong moved down from SS to S, and Lapu-Lapu dropped from S to AA.

In the Gold Lane, There are several hero added in the tier list because of the patch update. Those are Bane (S), Beatrix (a new hero (S)), Angela (A).

Wanwan and Brody are nerfed from SSS and S to SS and A.

Popol and Kupa are added to be one of the choice in tier A

Mathilda and Paquito are added into Roam category within Tier S.

The new hero Beatrix is not yet good enough tested as a jungler, that’s why in the jungle area the tier is only A.

Since there are some items also updated, Granger now is quite buffed. It is going up from A to S.

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Sadly, Hayabusa goes down from tier S to A in the Jungle table.

Those are the explanation of the latest Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.62 updated by Zeys posted on his instagram. I hope it can help you win the match way easier and get rank faster. See you later!

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