Mobile Legends Tier List October 2021

This post will share the Mobile Legends Tier List October patch 1.6.10 created by Expertwm. These tiers are based on the MLBB ranked match META.

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.6.10 October 2021

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.6.10 October 2021

Mobile Legends Tier List October Patch 1.6.10

You can see in the visual chart that some heroes have been nerfed and buff.

In the XP Lane, Xborg, Paquito, Benedetta, and Phoveus become the most favorite pick hero in ranked match. These hero is very powerful because of their mobility and sustainibility in the Exp lane Especially Paquito. Paquito is the top ban hero in ranked. He has very powerfull damage and very hard to kill because of his shield. Xborg in the other hand has Villaga armor that make him very hard to kill. If you combine Xborg Villaga armor with immortallity item it will make Xborg having 4 different hp bar.

In the Gold Lane, Natan, Beatrix, and brody dominating the land of dawn. Natan has a very high mobility and fast farming in the lane. Natan is a late game hero that can give a very high Dps. In the other hand, Beatrix is dominating in the early game. She has 4 different weapon and her sniper is make her easy to push the turret. Brody is a very stable hero that can give high damage in early and lategame.

In the Mid Lane, Kagura, Yve and Eudora is a very good hero in dominating the midlane, especially Yve. Many pro player used Yve in MPL Tournament.

In the Roamer,  Mathilda is still in very top. It has very high damage in the early game that make her easy to Zone enemy rotation. She has a very quick rotation with her second skill. Her ultimate is very easy to use, and can lock enemy jungler very easy.

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In the Jungler, Saber and Harley make the top on the list. With the armor and magic resistance nerf, Hero that give armor and magic resistance reduction will make a very high output damage in this META. Harley and Saber is one of them. With Harley ultimate, in make Magic resistance decreased every he hit the enemy with basic attack. Saber first skill in the other hand is reducing enemy armor. It can be seen in the top of the enemy that there is a picture of a broken armor. It means that Saber first skill reducing its armor.

Karina is a very good jungler either. Even if you use tank build, it still have very high output damage. Karina has a similliar passive like Karrie. Where it will give you a true damage. Karina first skill will increase your movement speed and attack damage that will make her farming the jungle very fast. Her first skill is make her immune to any physical damage that make her a very deadly assassin.

These are the details of the Mobile Legends Tier List October Patch 1.6.10, which Expertwm has posted to his Blog. It should make it easier for you to win the match and help you get rank quicker. We will see you soon!

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