How To Use Alucard As Hypercarry !!

In the past, when a professional team chose Alucard, usually people’s reaction would always be to “troll”. However, in the recent meta Alucard can be a deadly jungler option. Considering the shifting meta and many fighter heroes becoming junglers like X Borg and Sun, Alucard is selling well because this hero has the right skillset against meta heroes.

Alucard is a fighter who can stick to enemies and deal high damage. His lifesteal ability guarantees that this demon hunter can survive in long-term battles against enemies with strong defenses. Several MPL Season 8 pro players considered Alucard quite worthy of entering the meta, Alberttt and Celiboy being the best examples of Alucard’s strength in the Land of Dawn. However, this hero does have certain terms and conditions so that it can be used optimally. What is it?

Minimum Crowd Control Enemies

Alucard’s ability to jump at the enemy from his passive skill, Pursuit ensures that the prey cannot escape. Alucard doesn’t need to worry about inferior cc effects such as slow when attacking because he will automatically approach enemies within his attack radius.

It’s just that Alucard must be careful when the enemy has a lot of disables. For example, there are Eudora, Akai or Khufra who can make Alucard stay still. Enemies like this make Alucard soft food during war. Always make sure you initiate the opponent after the enemy’s disable skill has been used. That way, you can freely go in and out of slashing the desired enemy.

Alucard Is A Counter Jungler Fighter

X Borg and Sun are troublesome fighter heroes when used as junglers. A strong defense but has high damage makes conventional junglers or assassins no longer optimal. To fight a core fighter, one of the most effective ways is to choose another fighter hero like Alucard.

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Alucard is very lucky when fighting tanky heroes. His lifesteal ability and aggressive mobility make the thick-blooded hero not move when approached by Alucard. If other fighters tend to have dps attacks, Alucard is a fighter with burst damage. That is, he kills opponents faster than other fighters. In addition, his AoE-type skill is very helpful in teamfights or just countering Sun.

Alucard Only For Last Pick

As mentioned above, Alucard is vulnerable to enemy counters with cc heroes. For that, you must give Alucard the privilege of being the last pick when drafting so that there is an opportunity to analyze and consider whether the enemy has a counter for Alucard.

Choosing Alucard as the last hero also gives a shock effect to the enemy, especially if they realize they don’t have enough cc to stop the demon hunter’s sword slashing. Alucard is also not a ban subscription unless there are players who really make Alucard a power hero. Apart from that, you can direct the drafting to suit the favorable situation for Alucard.

More Brutal Because Of War Axe

One of the factors that makes Alucard stronger is War Axe. This fighter’s mandatory item doubles Alucard’s ability to attack. Additional penetration, movement speed and cooldown reduction really help Alucard create momentum in the early and mid games.

You can follow the builds from Alberttt and Celiboy below to bring out Alucard’s best potential in the Land of Dawn.

Those are the terms and conditions for using Alucard. If you want to use Alucard in rank, try to get a last pick so that the enemy doesn’t counter you. Don’t forget to keep practicing in order to understand Alucard’s mechanics so that your opponent will run wild when your Alucard jumps!

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