Hero Who Get Buff in 1.6.26 Patch

Hero adjustments that occurred in the Patch Note 1.6.26 Update which occurred on October 26, 2021, presented several Buffs and Nerfs. Of course this does have a goal, so that the battles of the Update and Rank Season now, will feel even more exciting.

You will know all of this, even Moonton gives this buff and nerf in a pretty helpful situation. So that all players will be able to find out every Potential Hero they use.

Here are Buffs will adjust Mobile Legends matches better than ever now.


Odette gets a Buff that will support her in 1 vs 1 Duel. This Buff will help Odette player, be stronger in dealing with enemies alone.

  • Passive (Buff): If there is only one opponent condition with this Odette, Sound waves from will bounce between Odette and the Enemy.
  • Skill 2 (Buff): Slightly increases the flying speed of the Energy Ball that Odette releases. The buff that occurs for Skill 2, will be able to make the ball maybe hit by the enemy faster.


Seeing the potential of Kagura which is classified as lacking Hero in the Early Game state, This Buff will increase Kagura damage in the Early Game. It will make Kagura stronger, you don’t even have to worry anymore because the damage you will give is indeed large.

  • Skill 1 (Buff): Kagura’s Base Damage when using this skill was initially 290 – 590 >> increased to 315 – 590.
  • Skill 2 (Buff): The use of Mana from Kagura is too large so it gets a significant reduction from this Skill. Later it will issue Mana as much as 80 – 105 >> amounting to 55 – 80 in total Mana.
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Bane’s role gets a Change from being a Fighter into Fighter/Mage, it’s because of the recent Buff that happened to this character as well. For Skill 1 that Bane issued, has an adjustment using Build Magic.

  • Skill 1 (Buff): New Effect that if the Enemy will be hit by a Slow Effect of (10 + 10% Magic Power)% for 1 Second ( That is, 10% at 0 Magic Power and 60% at 500 Magic Power).
  • Skill 2 (Buff): Additional HP Recovery 10% of Lost HP >> (6 + 2.5 Magic Power) % HP Lost. Cooldown Reduction every 100 Magic Power 5 >> 7%. This will make Bane stronger, because the Healing Effect that Bane has will keep his HP awake.


This hero is getting Buff on every skill he has, this will increase the player’s playing performance using Khaleed.

  • Passive (Buff): Increases Energy charging Speed ​​when Khaleed uses Skill 1 and Ultimate. This will increase one of the performances of Khalid’s strength to compete in battle.
  • Skill 1 (Buff): Reduces the duration of the attack swing drastically. The base damage of this skill has also changed from 200 – 550 >> 170-520. The increase in damage per use changes from 10 >> 15%.
  • Ultimate (Nerf): First attack damage 150 – 300 + 80% Physical Attack >> 100 – 250 + 50% Physical Attack. Base Damage Second attack 500 – 800 >> 450 – 750, of course this is a Nerf that Khaleed players will really feel later.


Gained a reduction in Mana Restriction which would greatly help Karrie to actively use skills in the Laning Phase. Even in this Buff, Karrie got a nice boost in attack for the Early Game which make her getting sicker.

  • Skill 1 (Buff): Mana usage of this skill has decreased from 80 – 130 >> 40 – 65, of course this will give a change that is quite pronounced in the match later.
  • Ultimate (Buff): Karrie will get a change in Mana usage on this Skill from 140 – 180 >> 70 – 90 more sparingly. Even Karrie will get an increase in the Light Wheel Damage Ratio which was originally 55 – 65% >> 60 – 66%, of course this makes her sicker.
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Getting an increase in Burst Damage starting in the Early and Mid Game, this will make it easier for Clint to deal massive damage. Even things like this, will begin to strengthen Clint’s strength in the face of opponents later.

  • Passive (Buff): Basic Attack Damage amplified by 135% Total Physical Attack >> 100 + 200% Total Physical Attack (Only Damage from Bonus Physical Attack will become Critical Attack).


Irihel gets a Buff that fixes his Basic Attack because he is often stuck, then limits the strength of Irithel’s Skill when we use it. Even Irithel got an Optimization from Lane clearing in Early Game which is much better now.

  • Basic Attack (Buff): Fixed the issue of Irithel getting stuck when attacking an opponent while moving.
  • Skill 1 (Buff): This attack’s base damage increased from 250 – 400 >> 450 – 650. Physical Defense Reduction received a Reduction from 15 – 60 >> 15 – 50.
  • Ultimate (Adjustment): Basic attack damage 80 – 180 + 105% Total Physical Attack >> 180 + 85% – 105% Total Physical Attack. Cooldown Skill 42 – 30 Seconds >> 45 – 39 Seconds.

Popol & Kupa 

This buff will lead to Popol to have more resistance and more Aggressive in attack.

  • Attribute (Buff): Healing HP 120 >> 140.
  • Skill 2 (Buff): Physical Attack Shield bonus 160% >> 200%.


The power of Bruno on this Buff will make him more powerfull.

  • Skill 1 (Buff): Base Damage Basic Attack becomes stronger from 120 – 270 >> 120 – 320.


Brody will get an increase in his basic attack speed to make him look like a normal Marksman .

  • Attribute (Buff): Attack Speed ​​Ratio increased from 50% >> 70%.
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Increases Argus’ Burst Damage slightly and makes it easier to clear lanes.

  • Passive (Buff): Physical Attack Bonus from Basic Attack that becomes stronger 80% >> 100%.
  • Skill 2 (Buff): New Effect will deal 200% more damage to Minions, so argus is fast in clearing lanes.


This hero will get some changes in the Mobility section and some changes to the Recommended Builds automatically.

  • Skill 1 (Buff): Cooldown 13 – 9 seconds >> 12 – 7 Seconds.
  • Skill 2 (Buff): Recovery from Basic Attack has become stronger than 15 >> 30.


Getting an increase late game performance.

  • Skill (Buff): Cooldown 10.5 seconds >> 10.5 – 8 Seconds.


Will give greater power to Gord’s Mystic Magic part.

  • Ultimate (Buff): Base Damage increased from 200 – 320 >> 220 – 350.

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