Best Popol and Kupa Build

There are many best Popol and Kupa builds, looking at this hero, it’s flexible and can be played with several different gameplays. Before the latest patch update, Popol and Kupa have become priority heroes. He entered tier-S to fill the role roamer. This is not without reason. The CC which is fairly large for a marksman is the reason. Not to mention the existence of Kupa makes this one hero have its own wall plus double HP.

Usually, Popol and Kupa roamers are in charge of poke and open maps. The large base damage at the beginning makes it quite easy to repay the opponent. Unfortunately, in the latest patch, there is an update that makes users have to use Popol and Kupa as damage dealers. This is related to the decrease in HP, and how to increase Kupa’s HP which now depends on the damage item used. To see the recent hero nerf, buff and adjust click link in the down below

Mobile Legends Patch 1.6.18 Notes

Popol and Kupa advantages as a sidelaner

Popol and Kupa damage turned out to be very effective, especially in the sidelane/gold lane. He really can easily zone all melee heroes, even ranges. In addition to the damage that is clearly much greater because it uses the marksman emblem, the use of Popol and Kupa which is fairly non-mechanical will make it easier to use them. One of the advantages of Popol and Kupa damage in sidelane is that he is very fast in finishing the turret. In addition to having an advantage because the turret is now weaker to range heroes, Kupa, who can repay the turret very quickly, even without creeps, is a distinct advantage. Playing Popol and Kupa damage means it would be nice if you played split push. Even Popol and Kupa are believed to have the ability to destroy the turret faster than Sun though

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EVOS Wann: REKT bernafsu untuk main marksman | ONE Esports Indonesia

Popol and Kupa sidelane build from Evos REKT

EVOS REKT which has just moved back to being a gold laner shows how to play Popol and Kupa damage effectively. He also showed the best builds of Popol and Kupa in the first game of EVOS Legends against RRQ Hoshi.

Not only is he very fast in clearing the turret, here Paquito, who is his duel opponent and is the most superior fighter hero, is made helpless by REKT. He uses the Weapon Master marksman emblem whose function is to increase the physical attack of equipment and emblems by 12 percent.

REKT’s best Popol and Kupa builds are also interesting. At first he did not immediately make shoes. REKT only bought regular boots at the beginning and immediately made the BOD, so that in the fourth minute the BOD was ready.

When this happens, Popol and Kupa’s damage automatically gets worse. After that new Warrior Boots were made, followed by Endless Battle, Malefic Roar, and Athena Shiled to ward off Lunox.

The initial three damage items are mandatory, the rest can be flexed according to the enemy’s strength. What do you think of this best Popol and Kupa Build.


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