5 Heroes That Rarely Used in MPL Season 8 Indonesia

Entering the seventh week of MPL Indonesia Season 8, there are a lot of interesting drafting and meta surprises as well as unexpected results. Several teams showed courage by using unusual heroes from Alucard, Kadita roamer to Baxia hyper carry.

However, if the less prestige heroes get promoted, some of the heroes who were very popular in MPL previous season lost their place or no longer sold. You may be surprised to see the following list because it is filled with strong heroes and is still very worthy of entering the meta. Here are 5 heroes that are rarely used in MPL Season 8!


One of the most banned mages some time ago, Yve was completely ignored in MPL Season 8. His large ultimate area with long-range poke ability apparently made the MPL team not interested in choosing this purple hero as part of the strategy.

So far, Yve has never been picked up, aka 0% pick rate and 0% tire rate. In fact, rival mages like Pharsa, Kagura and Lunox are still reliable to this day. One of the reasons why Yve left the MPL meta is that this hero doesn’t have an escape mechanism, so she’s too vulnerable to being targeted by enemies. Unlike Pharsa, who can move quickly on the battlefield using the Wings by Wings skill.


Diggie’s meta can actually still be applied by MPL teams, moreover, the gameplay of chaotic tanks is back in popularity so that Diggie can be an alternative to barbaric gameplay. It’s just that more and more teams understand how to counter Diggie feeders, so the risk is even greater.

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Some teams that might reuse this meta are EVOS Legends, Bigetron Alpha and RRQ Hoshi. Diggie is one of Rekt’s mandatory ban heroes when EVOS Legends plays in MPL Season 7. Diggie currently only has 1.19% pick rate.


Wanwan’s fate in MPL Season 8 is very different from MPL Season 7. She is one of Clover’s power hero from EVOS Legends and played a major role in bringing the Tiger to win MPL Season 7.

Looking at the current meta filled with many agile and strong fighters, Wanwan seemed to be having a hard time laning. Moreover, in both sidelanes, namely gold and exp, players become more active in rotation rather than staying in lane. Wanwan pocketed a pick rate of just 1.49%.


YSS is no longer a priority or auto-pick hero in MPL Season 8. This marksman lost his place because the MPL team chose meta jungler fighters like X Borg, Sun and Alucard. Even if there is a place for junglers, most of them use assassins like Hayabusa, Lancelot and Ling.

A typical marksman hero who is vulnerable in the early game and tends to be slow makes momentum one of the reasons why heroes like YSS are marginalized. The only Marksman that can still survive consistently is Roger. It was also helped because of his ability to change form from marksman to fighter. YSS bagged a 5.68% pick rate with a 4.55 tire rate.


This agile mage is one of the most popular heroes in the M2 and MSC 2021 events. Several Filipino teams always rely on Harith on the sidelane and include Indonesian teams such as EVOS Legends, Alter Ego and ONIC.

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Unfortunately, in MPL Season 8 Harith is no longer considered special. He lost to other mages in goldlane, especially Lunox, Pharsa and Kaja. Based on Mobile Legends statistics for MPL S8, Harith is the 52nd most popular hero. This is a downgrade from MPL S7 where he was ranked 24th.

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