Mobile Legends Tier List 2021 Full List

When you are playing Mobile Legends, you will be dealing with Mobile Legends tier list. Whereas you probably think that it is only a game, it’s more than that. Mobile Legends isn’t only about expressing yourself through games, but you can actually get money from it – if you know how to do it right. Joining the tournaments can give you the opportunity to get money, especially if you can expertly hone your skills.

What Is Mobile Legend?

Mobile Legends Tier List

It is an online game with multiplayer mechanism. With battle mode, the game connects different players from different parts of the world. The purpose (of the game) is to reach enemy’s fortress and then destroy it, while trying to defend your own fortress. The team consists of 5 members (you and other 4), chosen from different parts of the world – fighting off another team consisting of 5 people too. it’s about developing solid and sound strategies of how to defend your fortress while fighting off the enemies and destroying their fortress at the same time.

There are several reasons why this game is so popular and likable. First of all, it is an online game, which means that players from different parts of the world can interact, communicate, and play together. The fact that it isn’t limited by geographical boundaries is another plus side of the game.

There are also other reasons why this game is liked by gamers:

  • Since it is an online game, you can play it anytime and anywhere. It isn’t limited to PC or desktop computer anymore. The game can be played on gaming consoles and portable devices (such as laptops, tablets, and even smartphones).
  • There are different types of heroes, with different skills and abilities. You can hone your skills, familiarizing yourself with different abilities and skills.

Mobile Legends Types of Heroes

As it was mentioned before, there are different types of heroes to choose from. In general, they are:

  • Tank – This type of heroes is great for defense. They have high HP (Hit Points) and they can absorb the effect damage (from the frontlines). For those with fragile heroes, you should get behind the Tank because it isn’t easy to kill.
  • Fighter – This is the hero built for close-combat and speed. They can close the distance effectively, making use of the available (killing) tools to combat the enemy. They are also good to absorb the damage from the enemy.
  • Assassin – They are good to deliver lethal and tactical strikes to the enemies. But they have lower HP than Fighters.
  • Mage – They are the ‘wizard’ of the team. They can inflict heavy damage to enemies with their magic without having to be close to the enemies. However, they have low durability and defense level.
  • Marksman – They can deliver damage from a distance, just like the Mage. Whereas Mage uses their magic, Marksman uses physical damage. When compared to the Mage, Marksman is faster, but they are basically low on the durability.
  • Support – They protect and help their team-mates, especially the less durable ones, such as Marksman and Mage.

Mobile Legends Hero Roles

When you are drafting, you cannot depend only on types of heroes. But you need to make sure the hero suits the role. Here are several roles that you need to know:

Jungler – In the latest update, Mobile Legends has set Jungler role. Assassins are the most heroes used as a Jungler. This role requires you to eat the jungles as fast as you can so that you can earn level and gold faster. A core hero such as Marksman can also become a jungler.

Support/Roam – A support hero is a hero that has a job to protect and make the core hero’s job easier. The heroes that can have this role are mostly mage, support and tank.

Offlaner – An offlaner is usually a hero that is rarely joining the fight. His goal is to win the lane and destroy the turrent within the lane. Most heroes in this role are Fighters.

Sidelaner – A sidelaner is a hero that is placed on the opposite side of the offlaner. Sometimes they can become a second core or also a second offlaner.

Ranked Games

If your account is (at least) Level 8 or you have more than 5 heroes, you should be able to start playing in ranked games. Such games are basically match ups with opponents and team-mates with the same abilities and strength. You are able to do it in Solo game, a double game, or in 5-player match up game.

In this game, there are 7 divisions. In terms of Mobile Legends tier list, these divisions consist of (from the lowest division to the highest):

  • Warrior
  • Elite
  • Master
  • Grand Master
  • Epic
  • Legend
  • Mythic

By the time you reach Epic, you will have to do draft picking. You can banned and pick your heroes there. You won’t get the same hero as your opponent anymore just like when you did at the lower rank.

Mobile Legends Tier List

The Tier List Criteria

There are also Mobile Legends tier list criteria which are often based on solo play. From the lowest type, they are:

  • C – Heroes with low benefits with poor performance. They are viable as counterpicks or in certain situations, but there are other heroes that are better to choose.
  • B – Heroes with good (above average) performance. They serve as specific niche or counter in a team but they have lower impact.
  • A –  Viable heroes. They can perform great with the proper use, but they still have lower impact.
  • A+ – Viable heroes. They are great (within their role) with impressive performance. They have good performance in any game.
  • S – Strong heroes. As a part of meta, they are quite powerful. They have impressive performance, in any game.
  • S+ – The God Tier heroes. They are super difficult to counter with impressive performance in any game.

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.46 Based on Zeys (EVOS Legends’ coach)

Mobile Legend Tier List by Zeys
Source: Zeys’ Instagram

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Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.62 (Zeys)

Mobile Legends Tier List 1.5.62
Source: Zeys’s Instagram

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Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.88 (Zeys)

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.88
Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.88

Source: Zeys’s Instagram

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Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.96 (Zeys)

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.96

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.5.96

Source: Zeys’s Instagram

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Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.6.10 (Zeys)

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.6.10 October 2021

Mobile Legends Tier List Patch 1.6.10

Source: Expertwm

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How to Reach Mythical Glory Fast

There are many players who have felt that they do their best and yet they can’t reach Mythical Glory – no matter what they do (or kill). If you want to quickly reach the highest level of Mobile Legends tier list, here are some things to do:

  • Play the Meta Heroes, such as Benedetta, Brody, Esmeralda, Angela, Yi Sun Shin, Selena, or Paquito. They are overpowered and they are able to boost your winning chances. Play them in rank or match-up so you can practice. Once you master them, you should be able to get definite winning.
  • Team up. You need to make solid team with other players. Decide a role in the team. If you are very good at your mechanical skill, then you can be a Jungler. If you are good at Macro skill, you are better becoming a Tanker or a Support. If you are good at winning one by one situation, then you are chosen to be an Offlaner.
  • Be aware of map. You want to master the map so there is no chance that your enemies can gank or fool you.
  • Don’t idle within a lane for too long. You probably like guarding, farming, and standing idly within a turret, which is actually okay. But it’s not an ideal strategy if you want to be a Mythical Glory. You have to know when you are gathered with your team to gank an opponent. Make sure you always win the lane if you are an Offlaner.

The Best Items – for the Proper Heroes

Each hero requires certain items that can provide better strength, defense, agility, and such thing alike. For instance, Marksman, Assassin, or Fighter needs Attach Gear to increase their physical attack, such as Berserker’s Fury, Ogre Tomahawk, or Blade of Despair. Each hero has its own specific list and table. For Magical Gear for Support or Mage, for instance, the important lists include Ice Queen Wand, Calamity reaper, or Necklace of Durance. Make sure that you check the list so you know the specific item.

The Tournament

If you are a free Mobile Legends player, you can play MCL tournament which is held in the game. You can win skin and any other items from the tournament. There are also some official tournament running this year. MPL (Mobile Legends Professional League) Indonesia, MPL Philippines, and MPL MY/SG. If you wish to become a new pro player of Mobile Legends, you can join the academy that the big team has made. If you are chosen, you can play at Mobile Legends Development League before you are ready to play at the biggest tournament, MPL.

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